Keeping an idea book is a great way to make sure all those gems you come up with stay organized and in one easy to find place.  Especially if you are working on a project, ideas will fly into your mind then fly out again to be forever lost if you don’t write them down.  Now don’t get hung up on not wanting to have a “journal” or “diary” like a sixteen year old girl.

This is an idea book, and it will make you more organized as well as more productive.  Some of the greatest minds in the world kept extensive journals.  People like Ernest Hemingway, Leonardo DaVinci, George Washington, and Indiana Jones’ Father all kept journals to record their ideas.

The first step begins with finding a book to write in.  I will tell you right now if you buy a 99 cent piece of crap from the store, you will treat it like a 99 cent piece of crap.  These are your thoughts, your most important ideas, they deserve more than that.  Go to a Barnes and Noble or another book store and look for something leather bound and expensive that you will take care of and not lose.

The value of the book will increase once you get it filled with your writing, but you want to get a good solid book to start out with so that it holds up for years.  The point is to have something that will outlive you, and to have something to pass onto your children so they can have a window into your life and better understand what made you tick.

Once you get the book, now you need to actually write in it.  It’s best to have a book that revolves around a particular project or hobby, that way all the information about that hobby is in one place.

However, a journal can cover more than one topic. I have a book for woodworking, one for hiking/camping stuff, one for work, and a couple randoms.  When you get an idea, it goes in the book.

That’s the simple version of the exercise.  As you go along you will add more to it, and soon enough you will have a self written volume of knowledge that will help you be more productive and better at coming up with even more new ideas.

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