If you live near any major city then you have free high definition television signals being broadcast through the air that you can pick up with a high definition television. There are several antennas that you can buy at the store, but about half of the time a well placed paperclip can do the same thing.

You need to have a HD television with a built in ATSC tuner (high definition tuner) for this to work, but most HD tvs have it. The only thing you will need to make this work is a jumbo paperclip.

Take the paperclip and bend it into an “L” shape. Depending on where the coaxial input is on the back of the television you may need to put a second bend in there, which you can see in the last picture.

Insert the small end of the bent paperclip into the center hole of the coaxial input (the one you normally screw your cable into) about half an inch. Don’t push too hard, it should go in about half an inch before stopping.

If you have a tv with the input pointing down, just put a second bend in the clip as shown in the picture to the left.

Now the fun part, and arguably the most difficult part. In your tv menu settings you need to go to the section where you can program your channels, and tell it to scan for “air” channels. Start the scan, and the tv will sniff around for channels that it can pick up with your new HD antenna.

Once the scan is complete you can flip through channels like normal, and depending on how close you are to the broadcasting antennas you should get several channels. I worked for a well known tv and appliance store that used these antennas exclusively for well over a hundred tvs in the store.

They worked great, and customers were always shocked when they found out that such an amazing picture came in over a tiny little paperclip.

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